Nit or Not?

Nit or Not? The Burning Head Lice Removal Question.
Bugalooz, The Lice Experts Has The Answer!

A frequent head lice removal question clients ask Bugalooz ,is how to tell the difference between a lice egg and dandruff.  This is the burning question!  You can spend a lot of time trying to decide if your child has head lice, but here are a few tips to make your decision easier.

Keep in mind that lice eggs or nits, are laid by a louse. When they’re laid they are cemented onto the hair strand with a strong fixative.  So the first way you can tell if what you’re seeing is actually a nit, is to determine if  it’s firmly attached.  Blow on it and also touch it with your finger. If it blows away or moves then it is not a nit.

Next, find a suspected nit, and then isolate that strand of hair and pluck it out.  Hold the strand tight and run your fingers over it.  Do you feel a hard bump or did the “nit”crumble away when you touched it?  If it felt like a mini speed bump, then it could be a nit.  If it crumbled away, then it’s likely product buildup. Remember, nits are glued on to the hair. To remove one you will need to use your fingernails to slide it off the strand of hair, it will not fall apart when you touch it or try to remove it.

Still confused?  Here’s one more test.  Hold the strand of hair up to the light.  If you wear reading glasses, now would be a good time to put them on!  Nits are attached to a hair strand, at an angle, on only one side.  They look like tiny rose thorns. When looking at it up close, this should be fairly easy to see. On the other hand, product buildup will look like part of the actual hair strand, or it will be cocooned all of the way around the strand of hair.

Determining whether your child has head lice can be difficult, but hopefully these tips will keep you from pulling your own hair out.

Still confused or need help with head lice removal? Call Bugalooz at  626 806-2407!  We’d be happy to check for you!


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