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Chemical Treatments Don’t Usually Work

One question I frequently hear, is, Why didn’t the chemical I used work?

The word “lice” often results in the purchase of a box of Rid. Unfortunately chemicals often fail to eliminate the problem. There are several reasons why chemicals  & home remedies fail.

Chemicals & lice shampoos are designed to treat adult lice bugs. They aren’t effective against lice eggs or baby lice. This is because chemicals are designed to attack the bugs’ nervous system. Babies & eggs don’t have a nervous system, so they remain unharmed. About 2 weeks after treatment, the babies mature & the eggs hatch, beginning the cycle all over again!

Over the years, lice have become resistant to chemical treatments. Recent studies have proven that “Super Lice” are now present in at least 25 states, including California. This new strain of lice is completely resistant to chemicals.

Most home remedies are intended to suffocate lice bugs. Unfortunately, you can’t suffocate an egg. If you place a chicken egg in dye, it will color the shell, but not the yolk inside. The same thing applies to home remedies & chemicals, they don’t kill the bug living inside the egg. Eventually the eggs hatch & the cycle begins again.

The best way to permanently eliminate head lice is to comb out as much as you can with a nit comb, & then remove every remaining bug & nit by hand, one strand of hair at a time.

This is exactly the service Bugalooz provides!

Why Choose Bugalooz
  • Fast! – Our average treatment time is only 1-1.5 hours
  • Affordable! – Our treatments are faster, we never charge to check other family members & we don’t recommend useless products.
  • Convenient & Private – Bugalooz brings salon service right to you!
  • Non-toxic – We never use chemicals or toxic products.
  • Guaranteed! – Your child is back in school after only one treatment.
  • Thousands Treated – Over 7 years of professional experience.
  • Informative – We explain the facts of lice, how to treat your home & how to looze lice for good!
  • Flexible – Weekend & evening appointments available
  • Free – Head lice screenings for schools & camps
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