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Who gets lice & how?

Anyone can get lice. It happens when a bug simply crawls from one head to another. If your child has lice there’s a good chance they got it from a friend. That’s why it’s important to tell others you have it, so they can check their kids & stop the cycle.

What are head lice & what do they look like?

Head lice are tiny, six-legged, wingless, parasitic insects. They can’t jump or fly but they crawl quite quickly! Lice range in size from 2-4mm. Baby lice called nymphs are extremely small, about the size of a period, & are extremely difficult to see. Adults can vary in color & like a chameleon, can camouflage to fit their surroundings.

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What are nits & what do they look like?

Nits (lice eggs) are very small, about the size of a sesame seed. They’re laid by the adult female & attach at an angle to one side of a hair strand, with a very strong glue. They can be white, tan or dark brown depending on their age. You can often find nits near the crown of the head, around the ears & near the nape of the neck.

If you’re not sure it’s a nit, blow on it. If it stays attached to the hair, then it could be a nit. If you do find nits, there’s a good chance you have bugs too, because nits are laid by bugs. Nits take 7-10 days to hatch.

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What are the symptoms of lice?

An itchy head is usually associated with lice, however you can have lice & not itch. Itching is an allergic reaction caused by the bugs biting you, similar to mosquito bites. Only 50% of people with lice are allergic, so you may not be itchy. Those with allergic reactions may also have a red rash at the nape of the neck.

I’m not itchy, can I still have lice?

Yes, because itching is an allergic reaction to the bugs’ saliva. Only 50% of people who have lice itch.

What are Super Lice?

A recent study found that 25 states, including California, have confirmed populations of mutated lice that are completely resistant to pyrethroids. Pyrethroids are the family of insecticides used to kill lice in over-the-counter products. In fact, besides the U.S. and Canada, most countries have given up using these products. These mutated bugs have been labeled “Super Lice.” This study confirms that the best way to remove & treat lice is with thorough combing & meticulous, strand-by-strand removal. This is exactly the service Bugalooz provides!


lice map

Pink States have reported Super Lice populations

How long do lice live?

Lice can live for up to one month & can lay up to 10 eggs a day. An egg takes 7-10 days to hatch into a nymph (baby louse). A nymph takes 7-10 days to mature into an adult louse. Only adult lice can lay eggs.
Nymphs are extremely small, about the size of a pencil dot, & they’re extremely difficult to see. They live flat against the scalp so they can constantly feed on blood. In a week they mature into adult lice bugs, they mate & begin laying eggs all over again. This is why lice is so hard to eliminate!

Do lice shampoos work?

The short answer is, not always. Chemical products are designed to kill adult lice bugs but unfortunately, not their eggs or their babies. If left untreated, these nits & nymphs will mature, beginning the infestation all over again. This is why using a professional service is a guaranteed solution!

Will a haircut eliminate lice?

Possibly, but it’s not guaranteed. Lice eggs are usually laid within 1/8” of the scalp, so even a buzz cut may leave some eggs behind. Unfortunately it only takes one egg to begin a new infestation.

Does hair gel or spray keep lice away?

It can definitely help! Lice transfer when they crawl from one head to another. If hair is sprayed down tight, it’s more difficult for them to crawl in.

Can I wash lice out?

No, lice can hold their breath & play dead for 2 hours. They lock their claws onto the hair & hang on for dear life! They can also shut down their nervous system, & remain submersed, unharmed, in products intended to kill them. Nits are literally cemented on to a strand of hair, so they can’t be washed away.

Is head lice hygiene related?

Definitely not! Anyone can get lice, because they’re attracted to the way you smell just like mosquitoes. They don’t care if you’re clean or dirty, because they feed on blood.

How do I keep lice away?

Lice are attracted to the way you smell. The best way to keep lice away is to mask your human scent with the smell of something they don’t like. Mint has been shown to keep lice away, so use our Bugalooz Mint Spray & keep hair pulled back tight!

Why is lice so prevalent?

There’s no denying lice is on the rise. It recently overtook the cold as the #1 reason for school absences. Why? Here are a few reasons that may explain it.

  • More than % of public schools have eliminated their no nit policies.
  • Lice have grown resistant to chemical shampoos- 25 states have confirmed the presence on “Super Lice” which chemicals can not kill.
  • Many moms work & they can’t stay home to treat lice, so children are sent to school infected.
  • Long hair for girls is in style & so are selfies!
Is lice dangerous?

No, not at all, but they sure are a nuisance!

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